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          1. How can I include my products in Google Product Search?

          If you have a website where people can buy products, you can visit our Information for Sellers page, or go directly to Google Base to submit your products for inclusion in Google Product Search results. This is a free service. If you've never submitted a feed before, you may want to read up on how it works.

          2. How does Google Product Search do what it does?

          Google Product Search collects product information in two ways. First, it uses product information submitted electronically by sellers who choose to take advantage of this free service. If you're interested in having your product information appear on Google Product Search, you can submit your items. Second, as Google's spidering software crawls the Internet, Google Product Search automatically identifies webpages that offer products for sale.

          Google's product search results are automatically generated by our ranking software. Google does not accept payment for inclusion of products in our search results, nor do we place sellers' sites higher in our results if they're advertisers or offer to pay for that placement.

          3. What are the "Sponsored Links" on the page?

          Sponsored Links are paid advertisements that Google Product Search displays when they're relevant to your search terms; they are not related to your search results, which are generated automatically by our search engine and delivered in order of relevance to what you're trying to find. If you're interested in buying advertising in the Sponsored Links portion of the Google Product Search results page, please visit the Google AdWords home page. If you're a vendor interested in having your products included in Google Product Search results at no cost to you, please learn more about listing your items for sale on Google Product Search.

          4. How does Google Product Search compare with other sites?

          Google Product Search is unlike other sites both because of what it does and because of what it doesn't do. Google Product Search does provide a lightning quick way to search the largest collection of sellers and products on the web. That means if the item you're looking to buy is online, Google Product Search will likely find it.

          Google Product Search does not, however, sell products, nor are there preferred sellers who always show up as the first result regardless of what search you enter. Our job is to find the product you want and point you to the store that sells it based on our assessment of what's most relevant to your search. We don't accept payment for inclusion in our results themselves, and all advertising that appears on Google Product Search is clearly labeled as "Sponsored Links."

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